Our short drops on Sunday, and here’s the trailer.


We decided it’s time to set our short film “Mitt hjärta jublar” (My heart rejoices) free. So this Sunday, we’re putting a link up for anyone who’s interested in watching 12 minutes of misery, accompanied by a gorgeous original soundtrack composed by Therese Jarmo and Christian Andersen.

The movie entered this years Pixel film festival (at Ystad studios, Swe) but never won any prize. I wrote this film together with Robin Jansson (who also did the camerawork and loads of editing) and it was the first thing we did together from start to finish. Here’s the trailer:

The film is in Swedish, with English subtitles. Full cast and credits on imdb.com.

“Mitt hjärta jublar” – Trailerdrop


Today me and Robin Jansson released the trailer for our shortfilm “Mitt hjärta jublar”. I can’t believe we got this film made in such a short time. I also can’t believe we had the energy and focus to actually pull everything together while working and studying full time. On top of this I had my second kid on the way (who was born about a week after we hit “export” on the final version of the film).

This has been a ride to say the least. Now we’ll see how it does in front of an audience. But no matter how it goes – we created something from scratch, and it turned out the way we wanted it to. Here’s the trailer: