Sunday in four shots.

Photography, Photoshop

Today me and Oliver (my son – almost 4) went to Malmö to pick up a second 20″ Apple cinema  display from a guy who obviously didn’t have a clue about it’s worth (since he sold it for around $30) as he posted the ad online (something he found out when it was too late and the deal was made). We celebrated with ice cream and spent an extra hour on the highway waiting for a car crash to be cleaned up. It was hot as hell but at least I had the camera with me and Oliver didn’t seem to mind the long wait since he got to press and pull whatever he wanted in the driver seat.

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Free ink in water footage 1080/24fps.

DIY-builds and hacks, Film

Here’s some of the footage I wrote about in my previous ink in water post. I did some tweaking in Premiere Pro with the levels, and made a upside down version in black and white as well.

If you find any use for this type of stuff feel free to download it and use it however you see fit (there’s a download option if you watch the videos on Vimeo). Should work fine as top layers if you play around with the blending modes. In case you’re wondering what I’m on about here just watch this tutorial.

If you do happen to use this footage send me a link so I can check it out just for kicks.