Tyler – “Apathy”

As Tyler approached me after watching a few of my videoproductions he said he wanted something dirty, scratched up and dark. I wrote a script after listening to the track and came up with a fun idea. I told Tyler:

“What if, we play out the entire first and second verse with actors behind you, as you rap? Your words become actions as you say them! And oh, let’s do it all in one take aswell…”

Needles to say, this idea took a lot of planning and timing. There wasn’t a budget to speak about either so I spent two good months building rigs, manufacturing props, rounding up actors and getting locations down. The video was shoot in two spots: an old warehouse in Helsingborg, and in the hallways of an old mentalasylum. I spent about 30 hours in Premiere Pro editing the video, but that was a great way of getting to know all my vintage filmscans and overlays. Because who sits around watching old footage like that for no reason otherwise?

Are you about to shoot your own video or film? Have a look at my Top 10 tips for shooting your own videos.

This video was selected to comepete for best music video at the “Art All Night” filmfestival in Trenton, New Jersey 2017.


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