Mr. Mia Wallace


This was yet another assignment for school where we had to take a famous photo and remake it. I went with the classic Uma Thurman-photo from ’94 (shot by Firooz Zahedi) for the Pulp Fiction poster.

I was lacking a motelroom, so I shot my model on an inflatable, (and way too small!) bed in a dark room. As far as lighting goes; I had one keylight positioned on my left, and the lamp seen in the photo. I did have most of the props, but had to order a cheap wig (hence the plastic glossy look) and make the book myself. Luckily I found both front and back of the original “Harlot in her heart”-cover online and simply printed it and glued it onto a random book with a A4 fit. The bedcovers sadly don’t match all the way, (the original is a thicker bedcover) but this was as close as I could get on a budget and the given timeframe. The gun is a soft airgun which has been painted with a sponge and chromepaint (carefully on all edges that stand out) to give it a metallic, heavier, aged look.

The photo consists of three images. The scene with the bed, lamp and curtain is one shoot. The wooden panel in the back is a second, and the blinds are actually big industrial blinds on a factorywall, shoot straight up from groundlevel.

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