The remake project.


Have you seen the French ´91 film “Delicatessen”? Well if not, this might inspire you to do so. For filmclass we got the assignment to create a remake of the opening sequence from the film. The goal was to create a film that matches up when you play original and remake next to each other. The important lesson here was to learn about narrative and working with angles, so we could decide for ourselves if we wanted to change the plot – or try matching it fully. My group decided that we’ll pay good attention to camerawork and timing, but changing the plot up a bit.

To set things in motion we began watching the sequence while noting the ammount of clips, durations, cameramovements and angles. Next we came up with our story. The key was to replace the knife (electricity) and the garbage (bodyparts) with something else .

By doing this we altered the story a bit but still kept it close. We made a storyboard, shotlist and proplist. Set up the location (Gåsebäck, Helsingborg), props, tech and costumes.


Blog storyboard

Parts of the Storyboard for “AC/DC”

We began shooting at 10.00 on a rainy Wednesdayand around 17.30 we had all our shots on the drive. We didn’t have too much time for this project so by getting all the shots in one day, we had some extra time for editing, grading, titles and soundwork. If this would have been some sort of final project we would have spent days shooting to match up movements even closer, but we’re still thrilled about how this came out.

I put the original clip we used in the bottom left corner of our film so that you can see where we put our energy. The audio is a mix of setsounds (about three of them), our own foleyrecordings and random bits from

Groupmembers: Amanda Nilsson, Martina Larsson, Locklin Thuresson, Hanna Angenius & Casper Jarmo

DIY photography light box.

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Phototables are great, but if you dont want to spend the money on one (eBay does have some reasonably priced ones), there’s a DIY-way around it. What you need is a white 25 litre plastiq container (those used to transport water and moonshine), a razorblade knife and a light.

  • Cut a (square) hole in the container big enough to put your desired objects into the container.
  • Light up the container from the outside.
  • Take your photo on a tripod through the hole in the container.


Because of the opacity of the container and the curved edges you get a very smooth background with hardly any shadown. This is perfect for shooting stuff you need to mask out in Photoshop later, or when shooting fancy (or plain ugly!) objects.

There is no one-trick solution to how to set up lights but since the box is built in 10 minutes or less you should have plenty of time to experiment with the light(s).


A photo taken in the DIY lightbox for the “Yolo is the new black”-project.